TED Talks Video Review- Eli Pariser; Beware Online “Filter Bubbles”

March 21, 2013

Hey Guys! You see that video up there? Yea? uh-huh? Watch it. Doooooo it.

So this video is pretty much all about the internet. Google, Yahoo! and other search engines. Eli Pariser explains that these browsers are starting to personalize your searches, according to your recent searches from yesterday, last week, or even a whole year ago!

What I thought about the video was that I had no idea different computers came up with different answers! Can I test that theory? Yea, I think I will.

Me: Summer, type in tigers in google.
Summer: uh.. ok.
Me: What did you get?
(Summer and I compare our results..) THEY ARE THE SAME!

This made me think… “How does that happen in the video, but not when I do it?” It’s probably because we are at school.. and right beside each other.

 This video will definetley change my view for school research projects. Most likely, I will use books. This only shows some of the evidence in this video that on the internet, I won’t always get the information that I search for!




One Response to “TED Talks Video Review- Eli Pariser; Beware Online “Filter Bubbles””

  1.   Jan Smith on March 23, 2013 10:44 am

    Man, I love to read your writing, Adena.

    I think your conclusion is just about right (about why your results are the same). I think it’s because our whole school has the same IP address–although I could be wrong. What if you and Summer tried this from home? I wonder what you’d find…

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