Doing Good – Again!

Hey guys! 

So in this post I will be writing all about my class’ Do Good fundraiser for the month of January.

In the month of November, I wrote about it then too when we had the bake sale. All of the money went to BC Children’s Hospital, and that is what we are going to do for this month too.


Children helping children

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So in November, we did a bake sale and raised $502.01! And our goal was $300.00! This month, we are hoping to be just as successful with a hot chocolate stand. This is how it will all work:

In the morning eight to ten volunteer students in our class will arrive at the school at 7:30 in the morning (an hour before the bell rings.) Those volunteers will get started on setting up and start boiling the first few batches of water. Kids will be allowed to enter the building at 8:00 and start buying their tickets. Each ticket will cost $0.50, which will get you one ladle full of hot chocolate. Once they have that, they can move down to the next section to get marshmallows. (optional.) We were thinking of $0.10 for 3 mini marshmallows. Once the kids are done being helped, they are welcome to go back outside or into their class!

-For some more information you can look at Summer’s blog!-

So, what did you think? Please leave some suggestions and comments! We would be happy to hear from you:)


Bake Sale

Hi Bloggers!

On Friday November 24, there will be a bake sale at our school. The bake sale is a fundraiser for a local hospital called BC Children’s Hospital. The money will all be donated to cancer research in BC.

Our goal: $350.00

All of this started on a rainy day at recess. The day before we just had our class meeting and talked about RAK. Random Acts of Kindness. We thought that we would Do Good and start a fundraiser. Our original idea was to do it for the BCSPCA. The BCSPCA is like an animal shelter. They take in animals when they need a home or are sick and need help.

The next day we found out that an adult we know  had to take their son to the BC Children’s Hospital because he needed more medical attention. So after school, the people that were running the fundraiser met up and all talked and decided on the hospital.

So that is it! On Friday, there will be a bake sale and ALL of the money will be going straight to BC Children’s Hospital. There will be a variety of treats for all of the kids in the school to enjoy!

If you have any suggestions, leave a comment and be sure to learn even more about the bake sale and go check out Summer’s blog!

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